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All purchases are final, non-refundable, and non-transferable. See refund policy, below.

– Elite In-Person visits are not included as part of any Online remote plans. If you have purchased an Online only package, you may add single weeks or an entire month of In-Person visits for an additional fee.

– Supplies and materials are available a la carte at your Acc(u)Member Dashboard. Material and supply purchases do not include Acc(u)Points or support and are non-refundable once shipped.

– Included support calls with Acc(u)Life Team Members are for up to 10 minutes each. See below for support calls included with each package.


– Monthly Membership is set up with automatic payment processing on the same day each month as the date of your original purchase. Clicking “I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions” confirms your understanding and authorization to charge the monthly membership fee.

– We reserve the right to change Membership pricing with 30 days advance notice to allow for cancellation as per terms below.

Membership will continue to renew monthly, regardless of use, until you cancel either online or in writing. See terms for cancellation below.

What’s included with Monthly Membership:

– Initial purchase includes printed Go To Guide, Acc(u)Point Finder, Skin Marker and 5 sets of Acc(u)Beads. Additional supplies may be included in your starter kit at no extra charge, at our discretion.

– During Phase 1, Acc(u)Points may be calculated as frequently as every 6 days and continue to be available during Phase 1 as long as your account is in good standing. Elite Plans include weekly office visits.

– During Phase 2 you will have 1 Acc(u)Point to get started and weekly calls with an Acc(u)Team Member to develop your Phase 2 plan. Elite plans include choice of weekly office visits or phone calls.

– During Phase 3, you will have 2 Acc(u)Points available every 10 weeks. New Acc(u)Points are not made available until current available points are used. If you want more than 2 consecutive Acc(u)Points, simply return to Phase 1. During Phase 3, you will have weekly or monthly calls with an Acc(u)Team Member depending on the package you purchase.

– Online Membership: Phase 1, unlimited online support and one scheduled support call each month with an Acc(u)Life Team Member. Phase 2, weekly scheduled support calls. Phase 3, first 3 months weekly schedule support calls. Subsequently, one scheduled support call per month. All support calls are up to 10 minutes each. Elite Membership: Weekly In-Office Consultations.

– Within 2 business days of receipt of Online Monthly Membership payment, during Phase 1 a shipment of 5 sets of Acc(u)Beads will be sent to the shipping address on your account; during Phase 2 there are no shipments; during Phase 3, a shipment of 2 sets of Acc(u)Beads will be sent every 3 months.


– Online Monthly Membership includes free domestic U.S. Ground Shipping. Priority, Express and International mail options available for an additional fee.

– It is your responsibility to keep your shipping address current in your Member account. Should a re-ship be required due to incorrect information in your online account, additional shipping fees may be incurred.

Cancellation of Monthly Membership:

– Monthly Membership may be cancelled at any time, with 30 days advance notice. At the time of cancellation, your Membership will remain active through the month already purchased and be charged and remain active for one additional month.

– You may cancel your Monthly Membership online or in writing.
Online: at your Member dashboard click:
1. Account
2. Manage Membership
3. Cancel Membership.

In writing: email or via mail to AccuQuest Health, 400 Rella Blvd, Ste 207-92, Montebello, NY 10901.

One Week At A Time Membership:

– One Week At A Time purchases may be used consecutively or not.

– Each week purchased will include 1 set of Acc(u)Beads, 1 Acc(u)Point calculation and 1 scheduled support call with an Acc(u)Life Consultant.

– Additional supplies and materials are not included but may be purchased a la carte. Digital versions of the Go To Guide and Acc(u)Bead placement instructions are available in the Member dashboard.

– Shipping fees are not included.

– Purchases are valid for calculation of Acc(u)Point within 1 year of date of purchase. Any Acc(u)Points not calculated within 1 year are forfeited.

– Calculation of Acc(u)Point deems one week as used.

2 Week Detox:

– Each 2 Week Detox purchased will include 2 sets of Acc(u)Beads, 2 Acc(u)Point calculations and 2 scheduled support calls. The support calls are to be scheduled when starting the Detox and prior to starting the Transition week.

– 2 consecutive weeks with Acc(u)Beads, following the detox diet provided in printed materials and digitally in the Member dashboard, followed by one week of Transition, similarly provided.

– Once started, the 3 weeks of the Detox package must be used consecutively or are forfeited.

– Detox packages start with the calculation of the first Acc(u)Point and are valid to start within one year of date of purchase. Any package not started within one year is forfeited.

Refund Policy:
NEW Online clients only (new to AccuWeight and/or Acc(u)Life):

– Refunds may be requested within 4 weeks of purchase. Terms for refunds:
1. Your membership must not have been used.
2. You must return your complete and unused starter kit materials within 4 weeks of purchase. Returns should be sent to AccuQuest Health, 400 Rella Blvd, Suite 207-92, Montebello, NY 10901. Return shipping remains the responsibility of the client.
3. Calculated Acc(u)Points on your account and/or receipt of incomplete or used starter kit materials nullifies this offer.
4. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.