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The Big Game

What’s Your Snack?

According to the Calorie Control Council the average American eats 1,200 calories worth of Super Bowl Sunday snacks, enough to fuel two hours of running laps around a football field! Keep your eye on your goal with these Acc(u)Life friendly Super Bowl recipes

Portobello Burger

You’ll love this Acc(u)Friendly twist on burgers with the Portobello as the bun!

Portobello burger recipe

Crudité and Dip

This yummy dip and veggies is ready in minutes!

Football party

Plantain Tacos

We recommend serving these tacos with  homemade guacamole and dollops of our Habanero Hot Sauce.


You can use this as a salad dressing or a dip for veggies!


Plantain Chips

Healthy, homemade, baked plantain crisps are surprisingly quick and easy to make.


Butternut Squash Fries

Enjoy these crispy, sweet fries made from our new best friend, the butternut squash.

Shared with permission from

Butternut Squash Recipe

Killer Chili

This dish is great to share or freeze what you are not using.

Chilli (1)

Veggie Burgers

Great on its own or served inside grilled portobello mushrooms with salsa and salad. 

Vegan Burgers Recipe

Habanero Hot Sauce

Enjoy this fruity, hot sauce on just about anything.


Margarita Mocktail

Just because a mocktail is non-alcoholic doesn’t mean it has to be boring!