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Dawn S.

62 Pounds Lost

Dawn S

“It has been an amazing journey. I am thinner than I was in college! I am 2 pounds away from my goal weight as of today, down from 184 to 122.

Thank you for all you have done for me. I went for a physical a few weeks ago and am officially off two medications prescribed for intensely high blood pressure. I don’t need them anymore!

I no longer eat the junk that I used to. I only eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains and water water water with the occasional marinated grilled chicken. I have learned to love vegetables and fruits, and Walden Farms and the blender have become my best friends!

I saw my family yesterday for the first time in a while. They could not believe the way I look. My dad said, “Dawn, I always thought you were beautiful, but now you are just exquisite!” My mom is all excited that we can share clothing and has offered to take me shopping!

I have amazing self-confidence now. I control what goes into my mouth. I control my weight and choose nutrition over crap. I choose my future health. I choose to let the light shine through my heart onto others instead of holding it inside. It comes back seven-fold.

And I must thank you and your staff, for all you have done for me. Every visit to your office is a pleasure, you taught me tricks and advice to combat any and every obstacle that presented itself. NO EXCUSES!

You taught me to say “NO” to that chocolate chip cookie, and take a little walk instead with my banana. Breathe deep and enjoy my body. Breathe in the pure fresh air, and release the toxins.

You showed me that only I have the power to change, no one else can do it. You helped me feel that power. When I didn’t believe in myself and desperately wanted that slice of American Cheese, I told myself “NO!” And that was it!

So I thank you and your Dad and your staff (especially Jill) for everything. You have changed my life. I will probably consider myself to still be a member of the “fat club” for a while still, but they kicked me out. And I am OK with that.”

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