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Daphne C.

20 Pounds Lost

Daphne C

“I was 54, overweight, diagnosed with Lupus and just miserable. When I spoke with my doctor about my weight gain, I was told “it happens, you are menopausal and the meds you are on can have your numbers go up”. For months I went along with “it happens” and became more and more unhappy. My doctor had me convinced that I was too old and too sick to make any changes. I felt stuck.

I was familiar with the Acc(u)Life program (formerly known as AccuWeight “The Bead Diet”), because a few years back I had participated and was successful. But, I did not follow the program to completion and I gained all that I had lost back plus a few extra lbs. I was embarrassed and ashamed and would not make the phone call to re-join.

One day my phone rang; it was Darcy from the NYC Acc(u)Life office. She let me know that I was welcomed back at any time and reminded me of the NYC office hours. I did not return right away because I was still too embarrassed. But as the days went on I was getting heavier and more depressed. I realized that I needed to go back.

I called the NYC office and Barbara answered. I informed Barbara that I wanted to come back but was ashamed of the weight gain and in addition I was diagnosed with Lupus. Barbara immediately assured me that neither would be an issue. She would do the necessary research to ensure that I would remain healthy under the given circumstances and be successful at losing weight.

The first week was great!! I lost around 10 lbs and I was ecstatic. I began to feel hopeful again. I was only 5 lbs away from the 15 lbs that were guaranteed in a month’s time as long as I followed the program. I was riding on cloud 9!

When I considered all the time, energy and money I spent on those other programs and the lack of success, I could have kicked my own butt. Acc(u)Life was a dream come true.

What I love most about this program is not only did I get a plan of attack that suited my needs and allowed me immediate success; I was given the support and the guidance of both Barbara and Darcy. They held my hand every step of the way. When I wanted to give up neither Barbara nor Darcy would allow me to give up on me. Both were able to motivate and propel me to the next step in my journey.

Now I am 20+ pounds down, happier and more confident than I have been in a very long time. I feel better, look better and most important I don’t have to buy a new wardrobe. I’ve had this dress, the one in my goal photo, waiting in my closet for 4 years – and it finally fits!!! Thank you Acc(u)Life!!!

Acc(u)Life saved my life, my spirit and my wallet. Thanks Barbara and Darcy!”

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