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The days leading up to and following Halloween are full of temptation.
Show yourself some love and set yourself up for success, by preparing ahead and having alternatives readily available. This way when faced with temptation you have choices and options. 

Here are some of the Acc(u)Life Community’s favorite Halloween season guilt-free treats. 

Candy Corn Latte

Next to pumpkin, nothing says Halloween more than candy corn!

Candy Apple

Looking for a sweet treat? Look no further! This recipe is brought to you by member Acc(u)Debbie.


Pumpkin Banana Pudding

For Halloween, Thanksgiving or just because, this tasty seasonal treat is sure to please.

Pumpkin Banana Pudding

Gummi Candy

What’s better than a childhood treat you can enjoy without the guilt?!


Chocolate Truffles

Celebrate any occasion in style and stay on track with these delicious chocolate truffles.


Caramel Apples

This classic treat is the perfect balance of tart and sweet. This recipe brought to you by member Acc(u)Gerri.


Pumpkin Cake

As a cake or as cupcakes, you’re sure to enjoy the flavors of autumn. This recipe brought to you by member Acc(u)Trista.



Sweets, sweets, sweets. Have some fun making different shapes and sizes.


Candy and Treats

Candy: Up to 6 pieces of sugar-free gum and/or sugar-free candy per day any time.  Rule for candy – no more than 10 calories per individual piece. There are so many to choose from, but here are some of our community’s favorites:

  • Dr. John’s lollipops and hard candies
  • Zollipops
  • Werther’s Sugar-Free
  • Jolly Ranchers Sugar-Free
  • PUR gum

Sugar-free Gelatin:  As long as you make it yourself, it’s a great guilt-free treat you may have any time. Have you tried Simply Delish? It’s a terrific all-natural sugar-free gel dessert.

Zero-calorie ices: 
Freeze your favorite zero-calorie drink in an ice pop mold and enjoy any time.