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To continue to your Acc(u)Member Dashboard, review and acknowledge the information below regarding your personal medical history.


By selecting “Acknowledge and Agree” for each protocol below, you are acknowledging that you have read, understand and agree to incorporate to your program the medical condition-specific information.

The protocols displayed below are based on the information provided by you. Not sure you listed your complete medical history? The complete list of medical protocols is available in the “Need to Know” section of your dashboard.

You acknowledge that these protocols do not constitute medical advice and you will consult with your own physician for medical advice.


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Low Blood Sugar

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IBS / Crohn's

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Starting Weight Over 280 lbs

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Taking Medication

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High Blood Pressure

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Low Blood Pressure

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Lactose Intolerance

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No Gallbladder

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  • Exercise is encouraged but not required. Exercise can help improve heart and lung health and it promotes muscle and bone health. Fat is the layer covering the muscle, so with fat loss and toning, you’ll look twice as good! Exercise will not accelerate your weight loss.

    Aerobics | Cycling | Dancing | Hiking | Jogging | Pilates | Power Walking | Running | Spinning | Sports | Swimming | Yoga | Toning/Strength Training (several sets of 10-15 reps)

    Body Building (using excessive weights where you are physically limited to 8 reps or less)  

    BEFORE exercise
    Dissolve 1 tsp honey in 8 oz hot tea or hot water. Drink this 20-30 minutes in advance to put a floor under your blood sugar and leave enough time to urinate prior to exercise.

    DURING exercise
    Bring with you 1 liter of sports level electrolyte enhanced water. This is what you will sip during exercise to prevent dehydration from the exertion and perspiration.

    AFTER exercise
    Within 1 hour of completing exercise, finish drinking the liter of electrolyte water you started during exercise. If you are feeling hungry after that, in the next hour have another 1/2–1 liter of electrolyte water.

    Helpful tips:
    • If you prefer cold drinks, for blood sugar make iced tea or lemonade. Boil 32 oz of water, dissolve in 4 tsp of honey. Steep any flavor tea bag; for lemonade add ReaLemon or True Lemon to taste. Place in refrigerator. Makes four 8 oz servings.
    • For hydration, make sure electrolyte water is not labeled “electrolytes added for taste.”
    • Electrolyte product recommendations.

    You should feel as good as ever while exercising on program. If you are not feeling right during exercise, please contact us for further guidance.

    During the first 2 weeks of Phase 1, the initial detox, you may fatigue more quickly than usual. Listen to your body and, if necessary, limit your exercise for that day. Continue your regular regimen on the following day and continue to pay attention to your body’s fatigue level. You will notice the fatigue disappearing as the pancreas and liver adjust to each other with the chemistry of Phase 1.

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Always at your Fingertips

Want to see these protocols again? They are always available at your Acc(u)Member Dashboard. Just click on the medical icon.


These protocols do not constitute medical advice. They are designed to ensure proper nutrition and adapt the program for specific medical conditions.

The protocols displayed for acknowledgement are based on information provided by you. Acc(u)Life and its Representatives are not responsible for any errors or omissions.