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Plant-Based Milk & Yogurt Options

Your Guide To Dairy-Free Options & Required Supplements

Scroll the table below for all recommendations.

Type of Milk/YogurtPopular BrandsCLAProtein PowderOmega-3s
Pea ProteinRipple Foods, Silk3000mgNoOptional
HempLiving Harvest, Pacific Organic3000mg15gNo
SoyEden Foods , Silk3000mgNo3000mg
Almond Almond Breeze, Kite Hill3000mg18g3000mg
Oat Oat-ly, Califia Farms3000mg15gOptional

Plant-Based Milk: Sweetened, Unsweetened, Plain, Vanilla
Plant-Based Yogurt: Plain, Greek, Unsweetened Flavors

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
For the best weight loss results, when choosing plant-based milk and yogurt, you should take a CLA supplement.

Vegan CLA brands: