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Support Is The Building Block For Success

Connect with Acc(u)Members, Consultants and Team members in this safe and private Facebook environment. Share experiences, successes and challenges, provide support for each other, post progress photos, share recipes, have Q&A with Acc(u)Life Team members and more!

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  • Join with a friend or family member
  • Ask loved ones for their support
  • Work one-on-one with your Acc(u)Life Consultant and other members of the Acc(u)Life Team
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn for daily inspiration and helpful tips
  • Receive weekly emails with links to Dr Schwartz’ video blog and the Recipe of the Week
  • Receive emails from the Acc(u)Life Team with tips for success

**Must be active on the Accu Acc(u)Life Program within the past 60 days to be eligible for enrolment in the support group. It will take approximately 2 business days to confirm eligibility and process membership in the support group. Acc(u)Life reserves the right to decline membership and/or remove individuals from the support group at its sole discretion. We request that clients not use our company name as part of their email address.